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                Beijing Xichong Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Beijing Xichong is the main agent and sales of high-tech laboratory equipment and medical equipment, dedicated to promoting the use of cutting-edge technology and products, has become a well-known agent and service provider in the same industry. Xichong products are widely used in education and scientific research, life sciences, medical treatment, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical, material and chemical industries.

                The company has independent import and export rights, and has a license to operate medical devices.

                Business Scope: Technical Services; Technical Consulting; Economic Information Consulting; Sales of Electronic Components, Instruments, Household Appliances, Commodities, Computer Software and Hardware and Auxiliary Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Communication Equipment, Automobile Accessories, Arts and Crafts, Stationery, Clothing, Cleaning Products, Plastic Products, Packaging Materials, Medical Devices of Category II; Rental of Mechanical Equipment; Import and export, agent import and export;

                Company Residence: Room 332, Area A, Shun International Wealth Center Building, 55 West Third Ring South Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

                Website: www.bjxc.net Company Designated Foreign Trade Import and Export Company: YETE LIMITED

                Telephone: 010-63869288: 13701084226, 13911192701

                Beijing Xichong's first-class agents are: American Valley Molecule/MD, Yamato/YAMATO, Singapore Yishigao/ESCO, Mitsubishi Bio/Meiling, American Phil/Pall, German Youlebo/JULABO, German Melt/MEMMERT, Hangzhou Snow Charcoal, Puheshi/PHCbi (Matsushita), Shanghai Yuejin, Shenzhen BodBoge, German Wigan/WIGGENS, British Twin, Germany. Ter, Suzhou Sanpu/MIURA, American AquaLab, Leibotery, Shandong Xinke, Shanghai Yuanhua, Wuhan Bailibo, Beijing Xipaite, Ningbo Xinzhi, Guangzhou Diao, French Interscience, Azowang, Ancobiology, VITLAB, Jianzhi, etc.

                Products produced in Xichong, Beijing: automatic gel imaging, chemiluminescence imaging, cold storage, nucleic acid extraction and so on.

                Beijing Xichong Cooperative Brand: Mitsubishi Chemistry, Dexiang, Gene, Metler, Thermoelectric, Leech, Leica, etc.

                Beijing Xichong's products are mainly divided into three categories:

                1. Scientific research instruments: pure water / ultra pure water system, biological safety cabinet, super clean workbench, ventilator, ultra low temperature refrigerator, carbon dioxide incubator, anaerobic incubator, oven, liquid nitrogen tank, high pressure steam sterilizer, spray drying box, pulsating vacuum sterilizer, ice maker, plant incubator, incubator, chromatography cabinet, drug storage box, centrifuge, peristaltic pump, and pipette. PCR, electronic balance, cell count, colony count, hybridization box, agitator, homogenizer, centrifugal concentrator, freeze dryer, rotary evaporator, dry heat apparatus, water bath, cooling water circulation, shaking table, gel imaging, chemiluminescence imaging, enzyme labelling apparatus, grinding machine, spectrophotometer, bioreactor, bottle washing machine, ultrasonic cleaner, electron microscope, and microscopic imaging. System, Raman spectrometer, moisture meter, titrator, pressure gauge, safety valve, vacuum sealing machine, magnetometer, resistance measurement, high-pressure polarization device, displacement pump, air compressor, high-pressure valve fittings, etc.

                2. Laboratory consumables: measuring instruments, biological culture consumables, centrifugal and filtration consumables, safety protective equipment, etc.

                3. Service (joint third party): instrument maintenance, measurement calibration service, environmental and reliability test service, 3Q certification and testing service, gas transportation service, foreign trade agent, factory alcohol transportation service, etc.

                We look forward to your evaluation: "Beijing Xichong, always worthy of my trust!" For this reason, we take honesty as the foundation of our life, do people with character, promote quality products, and spare no effort in service. The company is also grateful to provide employees with a good environment and protection, attention and participation in social welfare, charitable activities.

                Since its establishment, Beijing Xichong has won the recognition of its customers: the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the quality control system at all levels, the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the disease control system at all levels, the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Research, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Military Academy, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua, the Chinese Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Inspection Institute, the Medical Device Inspection Institute, Beijing Forestry University, International Exchange Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, National Animal Husbandry General Station, National Development and Reform Commission, Union Medical College Hospital, 301 Hospital, 307 Hospital, Century Temple Hospital, Tiantan Hospital, Mars Food, Chinese Food, Gardobao, Jun Lebao, Asahi Beer, Novixin, Ted Pharmaceutical, Beidaweixin, Jialin Pharmaceutical Industry, First and Third Communist Party Pharmaceutical Industry Central Plains Union and so on.